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Precautions for using wheel balance weights in summer

Summer is the peak use period of automobiles. As an important part to ensure driving stability, wheel balance weights require special attention. Recently, during a vehicle safety inspection by the Nanjing Vehicle Management Office, several vehicles were refused license plates due to improper use of tire weights, which aroused widespread concern.

Assembly instructions for stick-on wheel weight

It is understood that the temperature is high in summer and the temperature of the road surface rises, especially when driving at high speed, the tires will have a large thermal expansion and contraction. If the balance weight itself is not suitable or the installation is not in place, the tire will be eccentric or unbalanced. affect driving safety. So, how to use the wheel balance weight correctly in summer?

Precautions for using wheel balance weights in summer

First of all, it is necessary to choose the appropriate wheel balance weights material. At present, there are mainly three kinds of balance weight materials on the market: tin, steel and iron. Among them, the iron balance weight is relatively heavy because of its high density, so it may not be suitable for some special-demand models and low-speed driving conditions. Tin and steel counterweights are recommended.

Precautions for using wheel balance weights in summer

Secondly, the correct location should be selected when installing the balance weight. Normally, the balance weight should be installed on the inside and outside of the tire, the position should be balanced, and it should be closely attached to the surface of the wheel hub to achieve a more accurate balance effect.

Finally, check and replace the balance weights periodically. With the passage of time, the balance weight will fall off, be damaged or age. Regular inspection and timely replacement of the balance weight are necessary steps to ensure driving safety.

To sum up, summer driving safety is inseparable from the use of suitable wheel balance weights. Only by choosing the right material, installing it correctly, and checking and replacing it regularly can we ensure driving safety and gallop on the road in summer.


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