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Damage to tires caused by inferior wheel balance weights

Recently, some car owners reported that their car tires were seriously damaged after using them for a period of time. Many people believe that this is due to poor tire quality. However, after many investigations and analyses, experts found that the root cause of these tire damages turned out to be the poor quality of wheel balance weights.

It is understood that the wheel balance weight is a device used to balance the imbalance generated when the wheel rotates, which can reduce the vibration and noise caused by the imbalance and make the vehicle run more smoothly and comfortably. However, there are some inferior wheel balance weights on the market now, and these wheel balance weights are not produced through strict technology, which may cause various problems during use.

Some car owners reported that after using inferior wheel balance weights, the tires were severely worn and cracked, and obvious vibrations and noise occurred during driving, which brought great inconvenience to the driving experience.

Damage to tires caused by inferior wheel balance weights

In addition, some experts pointed out that improper use of inferior wheel balance weights may also cause safety hazards to the vehicle. If the balance weight is not installed stably or used for too long, it may fall off or be damaged, posing potential dangers to the driver, vehicle and pedestrians.

In order to avoid tire damage caused by inferior wheel balance weights, it is recommended that car owners choose regular channels to purchase wheel balance weights and ask professional technicians to install and maintain them to ensure the stability and safety of the vehicle. At the same time, social supervision departments should also strengthen the supervision of automobile parts such as wheel balance weights to prevent substandard products from entering the market and protect the safety and interests of consumers.


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