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Global Market

Global Market

Since 2015, Shengshi Weiye's wheel balance weight products have continued to show a rapid growth momentum.


After years of continuous efforts and continuous innovation, Shengshi Weiye has successfully established a certain influence in the market and has become a leader in the field of balance weights.

According to the data provided by the company, since 2015, Shengshi Weiye has increased its investment in R&D and production of balance weights year by year, and is committed to providing high-quality and high-performance balance weight products. This has enabled Shengshiweiye to be recognized by more and more customers, and the sales of its balance weight products continue to rise. In addition to the rapid growth of sales, Shengshi Weiye has also made breakthroughs in product quality. Through the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment, the quality of the balance weight products produced by the company has been improved, with higher stability and accuracy, which can meet the stringent requirements of customers for balance weights.

In terms of market expansion, Shengshi Weiye constantly explores new market opportunities and actively develops overseas markets. Through cooperation with well-known international companies, Shengshi Weiye's balance weight products have entered many countries and regions, and achieved gratifying sales performance.

In the next few years, Shengshiweiye's balance weight production will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend.

With the increase of market demand at home and abroad, Shengshi Weiye will increase investment in research and development, and continue to improve product quality and technical level to meet the growing market demand.

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