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Wheel Balance Weight

About wheel balance weight , it refers to a consumable which is install on the wheel rim and make the balanced on both sides of the wheel to keep the car in balancing while it is moving. Its has the characteristic of widely used , large exporting quantities, short procurement cycle and high market share. 


According to the latest market demand, the North American market mainly leans towards ounce wheel weight, mostly made of 0.25oz, 0.5oz, and 1oz wheel weight, mostly made of steel. The main models are 0.25ozx6, 0.25ozx8, 0.25ozx12, 0.5ozx6 and 1ozx3, 1ozx4, and the tape is mainly made of white tape and 3M tape. In addition to ordinary steel stick type wheel weight, wheel weight in roll are also popular among customers, mainly 0.25ozx704 or 0.25ozx715 wheel weight in roll, external small boxes, and wheel weight cutting machine .

Wheel Balance Weight

Clip on wheel weight MC-Oz t type


In the South American market, except for some countries that use ounce wheel weight, there are also some countries that mainly use gram wheel weight, most of which are (5g+10g) x4 and 5gx12 steel adhesive wheel weight, and the tape is mostly wide edged blue tape and 3M tape. In addition, most customers will choose low-cost steel clip on wheel weight instead of lead clip on wheel weight .

Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd. has 30 years of experience in the production and export of wheel weights, and can accept private customization and the development of new molds.


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