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Production Process

About Stick-on Wheel Weight

Stick On Wheel Weight Products are made of high-quality steel plate stamping galvanized processing surface, not easy to rust on the back, arbitrary cutting, arbitrary collocation.

Stick on wheel weight that doesn't require any tools. Just peel the back and stick to the rim, The adhesivestyle weight is popular because it can be hidden from view.


Assembly instructions for stick-on wheel weight Assembly instructions for stick-on wheel weight Assembly instructions for stick-on wheel weight

The surface to attach the adhesive wheel balance weight on the wheel rim must not exceed a maximum slope of 15 degrees of axial direction (hub direction). The surface energy of the surface to be bonded to the wheel rim must be at least 32 mN/m. The permissible processing temperature must not be less than 10°C The wheel rim surface must be free of grease, silicon and dust and be dry. There must not be any adhesive residues or adhesive tape left on the adhesive surface of the wheel

2.Pre-Treating The Rim:

Clean the rim thoroughly with a cleaning agent that is compatible with varnish.


3.Pre-Bending The Wheel Weight:

Separate the correct gramage (as calculated) from the bar. Mould the shape of the weight to match the rim radius (with protective film). PLEASE NOTE: You need to bend the weights gradually, otherwise they will break apart at the joins. You should bend the weight to a little more than the rim’s radius.

4.Stickin The Wheel Weight On:

Attach the weight to the calculated point on the rim, making sure that the weight is distributed evenly either side and the weight is parallel with the edge of the rim.

PLEASE NOTE: Press down on the weight hard, working from the centre to the left and right.

The adhesive force of the wheel balance weight strip reaches 80%-90% in about 24 hours, and the adhesive force reaches 100% after 72 hours.


How to remove stick-on balance weights

Here we'll show you  simple ways on how to remove balance weight tape without damaging the surface of your wheel.

Tools/Supplies Needed:
Adhesive Wheel Balancer Tape Scraper Removal Tool
Heavy Duty Pinstripe Decal Eraser
Step 1
When removing that glue, it’s important to start out when clean wheels so any dust or dirt doesn’t damage the finish. Using a soap and water mix, similar to what is used on your vehicle's paint is fine. For added cleaning action to remove brake dust, you can also use a wheel specific cleaner.
Step 2
Use the Adhesive Wheel Balancer Tape Scraper Removal Tool to remove it from the edge. It is made of plastic and can effectively prevent the wheel hub from being scratched.
Step 3
For stubborn tape residue, you can use a Heavy Duty Pinstripe Decal Eraser to clean it. Shengshiweiye Eraser Wheel Decal Remover will not cut or scratch acrylic enamel or urethane paint.

Advantage of adhesive wheel weight :
1.Adjust the car balance,make the car more stable,prolong
the life of tires,shorten the emergency braking distance,improve
vehicle confort and reduce vibration and
noise of high speed driving.

2.Any situation on the road may have an impact on the
tires and rims;such as collision to road station,high
speed through the potholes road, easy to cause
the steel deformation,then resulting in inaccurate wheel balancing.

3.Adhesive wheel weight has become the choice of Mercedes Benz,BMW,Ford,
Volkswagen,Hyundai and many other manufacturers,
Adhesive wheel weight have big market prospects,such as vehicle sales market, after-service market, and foreign market.



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