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About the use and performance of tire mounting paste

When we go to the tyre repair shop or automobile repair factory . The worker in the shop always smear the mounting paste on the tyre . Why use the mounting paste when mount and demount the tyre ? Let’s explain it through the performance characteristics of mounting paste .

The performance characteristics of mounting paste

  1. It has the super lubricity, can make the tire disassemblebecomes smoothly, to avoid scratching the tire, to protect the tire, to prevent rim from scratching and deforming. It can fully meet the tubeless tire tire assembly requirements;
  1. To prevent tire aging and steel ring, wheel rim oxidation. It has good adaptability and protection performance with the rubber and wheel rim paint . Don’t corrode metal and rubber. Make the tyre use for a long time ;
  1. The formation of the lubricating film colorless, no fragmentation and shedding phenomenon;
  1. Water-based materials, non-combustible, safe, put an end to the risk of burning and corroding for oil products;
  1. Environmental clean, no greasy, easy to remove, water can completely wash the residual lubricant , without the use of cleaning agent repeatedly degreasing, can replace imported products。
  1. Easy to operation, time-saving and effortless.

Through the characteristics of the above-mentioned mounting paste, we can know that the mount and demount head can directly touch the edge of tyre and wheel rim in the mount and demount process, smear mounting paste will prevent tires from scratching , it can ensure the tire use for a long time and save tire change costs.

The tire mounting paste which produced by Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co.,Ltd is the tire industry standardization essential products. This product is suitable for lubricating a variety of difficult disassembled tire. It has the special effects of assembly lubrication for tubeless radial tire, engineering tire . It suitable for the lubrication and sealing of the tires, steel ring and wheel rim in the mount and demount process . So that the tire mount and demount becomes smoothly , to avoid tire and steel ring, wheel rim damaged .


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