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Tire Mounting Paste

Product Details

Tire Mounting Paste

Tire Mounting Paste Convenient size for casual and travel use
Tire Mounting Paste No oil
Tire Mounting Paste rust inhibitor
Tire Mounting Paste Non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for all tires

Tire Mounting Paste

Tire Mounting Paste

Tire Mounting Paste Description:

1.White paste,lubricate and sealing tires or rims when mounting and demounting,make the tyre dismantling become smooth, avoid tyre and rim loading and damage.

2.Disassembly of tires, generally using a soft brush dipped in grease applied to the site of the friction between the inner edge of the tire and wheels, and in this way we can make the tyres dismantling work is simple, quick, safe, out of trouble, improve work efficiency

3.After drying, which can effectively prevent slippage between the tire and the hub

4.This product does not contain any toxic ingredients, has a good environmental biodegradable functional, non-polluting.

5.Stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse which temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

6.After using,pls cover it timely in case water and mechanical impurities to enter.

Name Color Weight
Mounting and demounting compounds white 1kg
Mounting and demounting compounds white 2kg
Mounting and demounting compounds white 4kg
Mounting and demounting compounds white 5kg

Tire Mounting Paste  Product description
Excellent for general purpose tire mounting and demounting applications. Our lubricating paste is designed to help mount tires and rubber tubes on all types of wheels. It is fortified with rust inhibitors to provide wheel corrosion protection. This gentle formula is worker friendly and can be easily diluted with water for a spray formula. It packs beads better than any other product due to its excellent adhesion, ultra thick consistency and the fact that they do not separate.


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