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Hot Sale Ounce Wheel Balance Weight

About wheel balance weight , it refers to a consumable which is install on the wheel rim and make the balanced on both sides of the wheel to keep the car in balancing while it is moving. It’s has the characteristic of widely used , large exporting quantities, short procurement cycle and high market share.
According to the shape , the wheel balance weight can mainly divided into clip on wheel balance weight and adhesive wheel balance weight . The clip on wheel weight can used on the steel rim and alloy rim . But the adhesive wheel weight only can used on the alloy rim . Compared these two types of wheel balance weight , the usage amount of adhesive wheel balance weight is more large. Now we mainly introduce the adhesive wheel balance weight in ounce .

Hot Sale Ounce Wheel Balance Weight
For the ounce wheel balance weight . the specification of fe adhesive wheel weight is 1/4ozx12 and 1/2ozx6 . These are standard specifications . But according to the feedback of customers , We made an new type fe adhesive wheel balance weight (1/4oz+1/2oz)x4 based on the requirements of customer. This is a new type of wheel balance weight , the size and packing is same as the 1/4ozx12 and 1/2ozx6 , 50PCS/Box and 300PCS/Carton , The weight is 84g/PCS . It can more satisfied the demands of the customers .

Hot Sale Ounce Wheel Balance Weight

And commonly used lead adhesive wheel weight main specifications are 1/4OZX12, 1/2OZX12 and 1OZX6 , customers use a wide range of high frequency, the products are mainly exported to South America and other countries. Most of the tape is 3M tape, but also part of the use of blue tape, because of the soft lead texture, good fit with the wheel, very popular with customers.

Now the demands of market for wheel balance weight is more large , but the quantity of supplier is also increasing . How to stand out from all suppliers and develop more widely market ? Firstly , to develop more advantage wheel balance weight and reduce the cost . Secondly , to develop customized wheel balance weight to meet the requirements of more customers . At last , provide more competitive price and good after sale service based on the higher quality , to improve the competitiveness of customers in their local market . In this way, we can better retain buyers and expand our business.


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