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Wheel weights OEM service

Wheel weights OEM 

Wheel weighs logo Customization

The wheel weight can be personalized designed by selecting customized logos, block shape, weight, and adhesive tape.

Customers can choose their preferred pattern or company logo as their logo, which not only showcases personal taste but also enhances the unique charm of the vehicle.

wheel weight logo OEMwheel weight logo OEM

Wheel weighs Block Customization

In terms of block shape, customers can choose a suitable shape based on the brand and model of the vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit between the balance block and the tire, improving the stability and driving comfort of the vehicle.

wheel weight block OEMwheel weight block OEM

Wheel weighs Tape Customization

In addition, customers can also choose different weight ranges based on their personal needs to ensure that the tires remain balanced during high-speed driving and improve driving safety.

wheel weight tape OEM

In terms of tape, you can choose different colors and materials. We have blue tape, white tape, red tape, Norton tape, Rohmann tape, paper tape, and 3M glue to choose from.


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