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David’s factory inspection in Brazil pushes the quality control of auto repair parts to a new level

Date: November 28, 2023

Today, David from Brazil came to visit our factory. The products he focused on were tire balance weights, valves, tire repair tools and other automotive repair accessories. This is the first time David has come to our factory for an on-site inspection.

During this customer factory inspection, customers focused on our core products: wheel balance weights, valves and tire repair tools. During the factory inspection, they reviewed and evaluated our company's stamping shop, galvanizing shop equipment and laboratories. And participated in our tensile strength and hardness experiments, and were very satisfied with the experimental results.

In terms of wheel balance weights, customers have expressed high affirmation of our company's production technology, raw material selection and quality control process. At the same time, customers also highly praised our company's R&D investment and product innovation, believing that this is the key to maintaining our market competitiveness.

As one of the leading companies in the auto repair parts industry, our company has always been known for its strict quality control system and high-quality products. This time David's factory inspection has promoted the cooperation between our company and David. After the order production is completed, we will promptly transport it according to David's requirements. Looking forward to cooperating with next order


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