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Wheel Balance Weight quality control

Wheel Balance Weight quality control

1.Material testing before wheel balance weight production

In the early stages of producing wheel balance weights, we strictly control the procurement process of raw materials. Only high-quality steel is selected as the main raw material of the balance weight to ensure that the balance weight has good strength and corrosion resistance. At the same time, necessary tests are conducted on raw materials to ensure that they meet standard requirements.

Test Results:  Ensure that raw materials usedin production meet productprocessing requirements

2.Material testing in wheel balance weight production

In the production process of wheel balance weights, we have set up a strict quality control process. During this process, product size inspection, surface quality inspection, weight measurement, salt spray test and other key indicators were inspected to ensure that every detail of the wheel balance weight meets relevant quality standards.

Test Results:  Ensure that the size,hardness, and salt spray testof semi-finished products formore than 48 hours meetexport standards, and theproduct qualification rate iscontrolled at 99.99%.

3.Material testing after wheel balance weight production

In the later stage of the wheel balance weight, we will also conduct a series of functional tests on the finished product. Mainly conducts product weight, surface quality inspection and tape adhesion inspection.

Test Results: Ensure that the size,weight, smoothnessand adhesive force ofthe finished productmeet export standardsand the finished productqualification rate iscontrolled at 99.99%.

By implementing a comprehensive and strict quality inspection process, our company cannot take it lightly in every aspect of wheel balance weight production. Only after passing the quality inspection of all aspects will it be shipped from the factory.

After comprehensive and strict quality inspection, the products produced are more reliable and stable, and can effectively reduce the adverse effects caused by vehicle vibration and noise. Allowing more car owners to enjoy a smoother and quieter driving experience.

This video introduces to you the testing content of 3M glue for wheel balance blocks.


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