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Turkish customers inspected the factory to purchase wheel balance weights to create a new standard for driving safety

Date: November 21, 2023

Yesterday, a representative from a well-known Turkish auto parts manufacturer went to Shengshi Weiye to inspect the factory to purchase high-quality tire parts for his company. This factory inspection focused on wheel balance weights and tire valves, aiming to create a higher level of driving safety standards. After signing the intention to cooperate, both parties will work together to promote the development of vehicle driving safety.

During the factory inspection, the representative conducted a comprehensive assessment of the production workshop, equipment, material selection, product performance and quality control system of our company's wheel weight.

In addition to wheel balance weights, customers also pay close attention to tire valves. As an important component for tire pressure regulation, tire valves are leak-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof, and are crucial to driving safety. The customer conducted field tests on our company's valve products and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their sealing, pressure-bearing capabilities, etc.

Through the factory inspection process, customers fully affirmed our production standards and quality standards and expressed that our company's products meet their high standards.

Through continuous research and development and improvement, our company ensures the high-quality performance of the products produced, which are well received by customers. Our company will continue to work hard to provide customers with more high-quality tire accessories to protect drivers' driving safety. Driving safety has always been a key goal of our focus. Through customer factory inspections to purchase tire balance weights and tire valves, we will continue to improve product quality and be committed to actively promoting the development of the entire industry. We believe that in future cooperation, both parties will jointly create more new milestones in driving safety.


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