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Packing and shipping advantage

In the fiercely competitive market, the importance of packaging and transportation is self-evident.

1、 Creative Packaging Design: Conquering the Market with Unique Attraction

We provide OEM packaging that can be tailored to customers' image, not only attracting their attention, but also establishing a brand image.

We also offer white logo free packaging.

Wheel Weight packing

2、 Reliable packaging materials: ensuring the safe arrival of products at the terminal

The product faces various risks during transportation, such as vibration, impact, and moisture. We use high-quality packaging materials to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation. Whether it's shockproof, scratch resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, or anti-static, we can provide the best solution to ensure that you deliver your products to customers with confidence. From the selection of raw materials to the control of production processes, we always prioritize quality control and strive for excellence in every aspect.

Wheel Weight packing

3、 Efficient logistics delivery: ensuring timeliness and enjoying convenient business opportunities

The close integration of packaging and logistics can bring you a smooth and efficient operating experience. Our factory is only 1.5 hours away from Tianjin Xingang by car, and we have a professional logistics team to provide you with flexible delivery services, ensuring that goods arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time. Whether it's domestic or international transportation, whether it's bulk or small goods, we can provide you with the best solution.


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