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Why do you have to do dynamic balance after mending the tire?

It often happens when you mend a tire in a tire shop. Originally, it's just a tire mending. The tire shop will make you a dynamic balance. The price is the same whether you do dynamic balance or not. At the beginning, I don't know about the tire industry, and I wonder: people didn't give you a counter-offer. Why can't you make it cheaper without you doing dynamic balance. It was not until I entered the tire industry that I found that you can't do a mended tire without dynamic balance. Why?

wheel balance weight

The tire is a round object, but is it really round enough? Is the material evenly distributed in every part of the tire? This is also a problem that tire enterprises continue to explore, but the current production process, tire weight distribution is not absolutely uniform. When the tire runs at high speed, the unevenness of the tire will be magnified slowly.

Moreover, the uniformity of the repaired tire is damaged. The solution is to test the unbalanced position on the dynamic balancing machine, and then stick the balance weight (lead / iron). There are two ways to install the balance weight, one is to stick on both ends of the inner side of the wheel hub, the other is to install on the edge of the wheel hub. Lead is very light, try to make the tire more uniform, so as to make the vehicle driving more safe.

It's not only to repair and balance the tire, but also to check the safety performance of the tire in daily use. The tire is the safety part of vehicle driving, but it is also the part that the car owner is least concerned about. Most of the time, the good advice of the tire shop has also been questioned by the car owners as a unscrupulous businessman who only cares about making money on his own. Don't wait for the accident to happen before it's too late!


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