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Air tightness analysis of tire valve

The function of the tire valve is to act as the interface of the tire inflation and the valve of the tire deflation, and to keep the filled air from leaking; at the same time, it is also a device for checking the tire pressure. This part is very small, but it is related to the driving safety of the car. What are the ways to ensure the air tightness of the tire? Let's talk about it one by one.

1、 Triple air tightness guarantee of valve core

The valve core is one of the core components of the valve, through which we can easily realize tire inflation and deflation. The triple air tightness guarantee of valve core is as follows:

2、 Double air tightness guarantee of valve cap

The valve cap is divided into plastic cap and metal cap. It is sealed by tightening the screw teeth and metal valve stem. At the same time, the metal valve stem and the sealing gasket at the bottom of the valve cap can be tightly connected under the tightening state to realize the dual functions of dust prevention and air tightness.

3、 Sealing of valve base and rim hole

In two cases, the rubber valve base is pulled in through the snap type, so as to ensure the tight fit between the rubber base and the rim hole.

The metal valve base fits closely with the rim hole by tightening the nut, so as to ensure the air tightness of the tire. As shown in the figure below:

The multiple air tightness guarantees of the valve structure. Of course, in the process of producing the valve, the material and processing accuracy of the product will directly affect the air tightness of the valve. The most indispensable step is to strengthen the strict 100% air tightness test of the valve products.


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