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Don’t underestimate the balance weight on the car tire. It’s not good without it

Recently, a friend picked up a new car. Once, when he washed the car, he found that all the four wheels of the car were pasted with balance weights. At that time, his mind was not calm. Whether the wheels had been replaced, whether the car was an accident or not, and other ideas suddenly came to his mind. Thanks to knowing a person who knows about cars, he might not be able to sleep well these days.

Balance weight is necessary for every car

It's very normal to have a balance weight on the wheel hub, even if it's a new car. Some friends may be able to say that if you talk nonsense, there is no balance weight in my car. In fact, it's not that there are no, but some balance weights are pasted on the bright part of the wheel hub, while some are pasted on the dark part of the wheel hub. Those who say no belong to the second situation.

The function of the balance weight is to realize the dynamic balance of the wheel, because with the present processing technology, it is difficult for the wheel hub and tire to be 100% round. What's more, no matter what material or technology the wheel hub or tire is made of, although it looks very uniform to the naked eye, it is actually of uneven quality, that is, some parts are heavy, some parts are light.

Finally, take the assembled wheel to the machine, test the more accurate quality difference, and then fill the balance weight in the corresponding place. However, it should be noted that the balance weight is generally based on the mass unit of 5g, and the total weight of the balance weight used for each wheel should not exceed 30g at most, otherwise it is better to remove your wheel hub for rounding treatment.


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