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In the face of price increases, we need to keep quality

At the beginning, I am so unlucky,which I just signed the contract with Saudi Arabia customer, then boss said the old material price could not be used. I am so sad and hesitated how to tell the customer. But it is a fact that since from November 2016, the price of Pb material of wheel weight is going higher and higher. Though it is difficult to say with customer, I have to say the fact to customer.

“Dear Customer,

Good morning. Thanks for your kind reply.

But I am so sorry I have to say now we could not cooperate with what we have confirmed.

In China, the raw material of wheel weight price is going up so crazy!!!!!!!!!!.It is nearly one day one price.

It is abnormal. So we advised lets wait some days to see the price of the raw material.

Once the raw material market is stable, we will give you a good price.

I am sorry for this. Lets wait one week to check the market.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


After this email,there is no reply till there is one week left before the spring festival. The customer felt sorry for his late reply. And he asked the new price. Though the price is increased, he accept it. The customer said the market decided the cost, and he just concerns the quality of wheel weight. So at last we finished this order with new price.


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