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Three tips for large tire changers

Three tips for large tire changer

truck tire changer 598

truck tire changer 598

Large tire changers are the essential car repair equipment for the garages and tire shops. There are some tips to facilitate the work when using the tire changers. Here we, Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd. introduce some tips during the using process of tire changer.

1. For tires with good tire top but soft and thin: lift the control pedal a little bit and push the tire inside when it skids using the air chipper to make sure the shovel is in touch with the tire mouth. Use hands or legs against the tire to prevent retraction and then step on the control pedal, which is more easier to remove the tire.

2. For tires with long travel time: the tire and the steel ring may bond on account of the heat generated by the internal pressure, tire and ground friction. When it is difficult to remove the tire, dissolve the detergent in water and brush some solution on the tire bead and steel ring, then remove the tire by air chipper after the solution permeate into the gap.

3. For tires with harder tire mouth: it is easier to use car spring steel crowbar to pry the tire bead. When installing the tire, press the tire belly with both hands and then press the tire belly forcefully with right elbow and push the tire with left hand deasil meanwhile when the tire mouth is in the most tight place with gap 200mm or so, which can prevent the motor and triangle belt from skidding and protect the motor at the same time.


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