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What are Wheel Weights and why do you need them?

As the name suggests, “wheel weight” is a component used to balance a wheel and tire assembly. Made from malleable metals such as polymer-coated zinc and steel. Wheel weights are attached to your tire to counteract their combined imbalance. By using wheel weights, the overall weight distribution of your wheels is evenly matched to tackle any kind of imbalance. Since balanced tires help save fuel, preserve tire life, and improve overall safety and comfort.

The major task of balancing your vehicle while on road is on the wheels. Since an unbalanced wheel can lead to disorientation, shaking, and a reduction in mileage, correct wheel pressure and balancing is highly important.

But due to uneven and continues wear, your tires are likely to go out of balance every few months. In such a situation it is crucial to balance them out. And the best way to do that is by using Tire weights.

Balance is the key to everything. And this holds true even for your beloved vehicle. After all, who wants an unbalanced car going haywire on the roads? Since the body of your car never touches the ground.


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