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Introduction to tire sealing rings

On highways, tires leak, and people cannot find car repair shops in remote areas, nor do they have professional tools to repair their cars. If they only drive, it is easy to cause accidents. It is very important to always have a simple set of tools in the car.

Introduction to tire sealing rings

Vacuum tire repair sealing ring

This week, we received inquiries from American customers for sealing rope products. The customer used to purchase from other manufacturers, but now there is an issue. He thinks the sealing rope has poor adhesion, so he wants to switch to another manufacturer. We introduced our sealing rope products and company information to the customer, and they felt it was very good. The customer inquired if samples could be provided and promised to send them to the customer. Also inform the customer that we can tailor our services based on their needs

  1. Pierce the tire on the ring and pull out the punctured part
  2. Use a tire repair probe to verify the puncture direction of the puncture hole and insert it into the puncture direction to remove dust and debris from the puncture hole
  3. Insert one end of the sealing rope into the hole in front of the locking tool, ensuring that the length of the sealing rope at both ends of the hole is basically the same
  4. Insert the pin with sealing rope into the tire along the hole, ensuring that the sealing rope is inserted into 2/3 of the length (ensuring that the cold sealing rope penetrates the tire body to avoid slipping out after inflation), rotate the pin 360 degrees before pulling it out</ Li>
  5. The remaining tire repair tape outside the tire should be cut off, leaving a length of 5mm on the surface of the tire

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