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Steel Wheel For Truck and Bus

Wheel is an important part of vehicle, and its quality is directly related to the safety of human life. At present, the main materials of wheels are aluminum alloy, steel, magnesium alloy and some composite materials and steel-aluminum composite materials. The manufacturing process of aluminum alloy wheel includes casting, forging and cutting-edge spinning - flow composite forming process and rolling - spinning composite forming process, and the manufacturing process of steel wheel includes rim roller pressing technology, spoke stamping technology and cutting-edge roller pressing integral forming technology.

The car wheel bears the vehicle's vertical load, transverse force, driving (braking) torque and various stresses generated in the process of driving, it is the high-speed rotary motion of the parts, requirements of high dimensional accuracy, small imbalance, supporting the tire rim shape accurate, light weight, and has a certain stiffness, elasticity and fatigue resistance.  Wheel material selection, wheel structure and manufacturing process are closely related to the above requirements, which are the key factors to determine the performance of the wheel.

For a long time, steel wheels in the dominant position in the car wheels, steel wheels in low cost and safety than aluminum alloy wheels have a great advantage, therefore, most of the current truck wheels are made of steel. In recent years, in the face of alternative infiltration and challenge, the international steel wheel industry made a series of innovations in technology, including new material micro alloyed steel HSLA, dual phase steel (DP) and bainite steel such as strength and advanced high strength steel grade successful development and application in manufacturing wheel, quality and bolder relief for the steel wheel style design creates the condition.

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