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Clip-on wheel weight

1. Classification

1) Iron clip-on wheel weight

Advantage: low price and beautifull apperance

Raw material  Iron wire: high production cost and added -value

Leftover material:low production cost and processes

2. Surface treatment :make the surface no rust .

1) Zinc plated : 24/48/72 hours no rust , the color is blue.

2)Zinc plated and plastic coated : 200 hours no rust , the color is gray and silver gray .

3) Dacromet : one layer → 130-160 hours no rust   two layers → 500 hours no rust

hree layers → 720 hours no rust

4)Geomet :over 720hours no rust

3.  Application : mainly used on the steel and alloy wheel hub. Adjust the car dynamic balance , make the car driving steadily , delay the using time of the  wheel , shorten the emergency braking distance , improve vehicle ride comfort , reduce the vibration and noise on high speed driving.


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