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The tire show last year was my first time to attend exhibition

I was curious about it, and it also means a big challange for me. With this curious and nervous feeling, i met my first customer of exhibition. This customer left a deep impression for me. Thus, I sent quotation by email in the evening of the first day.

There was no reply till the end of the exhibition. I still tried to contact him with emails with greetings. There was still no reply.When I nearly gave up, he gave me a surprise. He not only replied me, but also with the talking several days, he let me sent him wheel weight and tire valves samples. He was satisfied with our samples and decided to place order. From we met in the tire exhibition to he placed order, there was only 15days. Of course, this is owing to the trust between. Actually achievement is very near to you, and first step is to build trust between each other.


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