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Tire Engraving Machine

Features and applications

This new development tyre regroover adopts advanced intelligent temperature controlling system. And installed overload protection device. Wind cooling techniques ensured low temperature of the main machine. Low voltage electric shock technique and by changing cloth plus PV sheathed insulated power line and waterproof to guarantee the safety of the users.

We uses impact and corrosion resistance material and refractory material for handle to ensure the durability of the service life.

Convenient  for use, low power consumption and best heating effect. Use DC power to have a safely operating. The user is aware of real-time of the temperature which listed in the panel. The machine will thermostatically working at the setting temperature.


Tyre Regroover

Model No。:S-T100

Packing Size:330*240*190mm



Product operation instruction:

1.To check if the power supply conform to the standard of the tyre regroover.

2.Place the tyre regroover in a smooth and steady site before use.

3.Open the power switch, adjust the CURRENT SPEED value to 80.


(1)Holding on the plug when you pull out of the plug from the power socket. Do not grasp the power cable directly and pull rudely.

(2)Do not put heavy items on top the machine and do not press the power line.

(3)Do not repair the machine by yourself if you detect damage of the power line or other faults avoiding any danger. Should contact the maker or professional technians and use original parts replacement from the maker.

(4)Do not plug in /out the plug when your hands are wet and moist.

(5)Do not plug in /out the plug around of gas leakage.

(6)To use standard and reliable power socket with grounded line.

(7)Plug out the power supply after using of the tyre regroover.


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