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Spring Compressor

In 2021, Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd. developed a new type spring compressor on the basis of the original type . Compared with the previous spring compressor, the operation is more easy and more flexible, the load is larger, and the design is more reasonable. Save time and costs more effectively.

Spring Compressor

About this new type spring compressor, the loading capacity is increasing to 3 tons , And  change the adjustment handle to easy rotation type . It is convenient for workers operation, save time and energy. In addition, this type choose more better material to increase the body's robustness.

Spring compressor mainly used for mount and demount the spring of the car . it widely used all around the world. It used in the car repairing shop/factory, 4S Shop and repairing tool market. The products mainly exported to the countries in Europe , South American and Middle East.


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