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What is the function of the balance weight of the wheel?

The wheel of a car is a whole composed of tires and wheels. However, due to manufacturing reasons, the mass distribution of each part of the whole can not be very uniform. When the car wheels rotate at high speed, it will form a dynamic imbalance state, resulting in wheel shaking and steering wheel vibration. In order to avoid this phenomenon or eliminate the phenomenon that has already happened, it is necessary to make the wheel correct the balance of each edge part by increasing the counterweight under the dynamic condition.

This process of correction is often called dynamic balance.

Then, under what circumstances does the vehicle need to do dynamic balancing?

When you find that the steering wheel shakes or the wheels make a rhythmic noise when the vehicle is driving at high speed, it is possible that the wheels should be dynamically balanced, especially when the tires are replaced, the wheels are heavily impacted, and the balance weight is lost due to turbulence.

Don't underestimate the dynamic balance of the wheel, and don't underestimate the small lead blocks. If the dynamic balance of the wheel is not good, it will cause abnormal wear of the tire and affect the stability of the vehicle. Especially for the front wheel, the vibration will be transmitted to the steering wheel through the steering system, which will not only affect the driving of the driver's friends, but also lead to the looseness of the steering system.

When the vehicle has been used for a long time, the user finds that the steering direction is heavy, shaking, deviation, misalignment, non homing, or abnormal wear such as unilateral tire wear, wavy wear, block wear, eccentric wear, etc., as well as floating, bumping, rocking and other phenomena when the user is driving, he should consider checking the wheel alignment value to see if there are too many deviations, Repair in time.


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