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New Product face markets —–motorcycle tire changer

In 2021, we will continue to focus on the repair and maintenance of our vehicles, especially our flagship products of wheel balancing weight, tire valves, tire repair materials and vehicle repair and maintenance equipment. Recently we launched a motorcycle tire changer, and has a good market response.

This motorcycle tire changer is suitable for a full range of 6- to 12-inch tires. The maximum distance of the gripper is 60 cm, with 3 gears adjustable, suitable for all sizes of tires, can fit the rim diameter of 60 cm. Dual-axis lock, more stable, easy to change the position of the claw. Thicken shovel frame, laser cutting whole bending, lifetime guarantee. Color can be customized according to customer needs. Every batch of goods leave the factory, they must be tested for quality. This product has obtained a number of quality certificates CE.GS.ECM Report, TUV. ISO9001 at the same time, without regional restrictions. Warranty period of 1 year.


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