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Business With Peru Customer In The Exhibition

The Peru exhibition which hold from May 17th to 19th was finished perfectly. According to this exhibition, We have met many old customers which we cooperated and know more new customers in Peru . We know the mainly demand of auto parts in Peru market.


The important thing for this business trip in Peru is to meet the old customers. And talked about the cooperation . One of the old customer in Peru which goods will be exported in the beginning of June . We would to meet him and sent the samples of the order to him . We need him to confirm the final samples before the shipment and  discussed the next cooperation . On May 17th, The customer arrived at the booth on time and the mainly demand of this customer is wheel weight . The material containlead wheel weight , steel wheel weight andzinc wheel weight. The mainly type is lead clip on wheel weight and lead adhesive wheel weight . Need those wheel weight in once and main tape is standard blue tape . They have large purchasing quantity and ordered it every month .  According to the requirements of special size of wheel weight from customers, we made a discussing and start the cooperation of some other kinds of auto parts like tire valves and tire seal string . And the customer also brought some of other products which they are interested in for test .

At this exhibition in Peru, we gained more. We have a certain understanding of the Peruvian market and the South American market. We have conducted detailed research on the sales of local automotive products and the nature of the sellers. This makes it easy for us to launch sales activities in a targeted manner.


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