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The reason analysis and solution of customers don’t reply

The reason analysis and solution of customers don’t reply

In the process of following customers, most of us can’t get the customer's reply, next we’d like to share the reason why the customer don’t reply.

  1. The information we found is too old, the company don’t need this product.

Solution: Find the customer's relevant website to see if you are running such related products. Or ask directly if the customer still needs this product.

  1. The contact information found is sales, sales are generally too busy, and there is no time to pay attention to purchasing.

Solution: If this sale is willing to take care of you, you can lure it. Anyway, you are selling my products, or selling downstream products of my products, knowing about the market, helping you become a part-time job, giving you a commission...

  1. The customer already has a fixed supplier and is not planning to replace it for the time being.

Solution: It is best to have an internal line in the customer's company to understand their business situation and production situation. If the other party has been purchasing this product, but ignore me, it must be that my conditions are not enough for him to betray his partner. Add a weight and take him.

  1. Your price is too high and the customer has no need to bargain.

Solution: Ask your quotation staff, usually the manager or the boss, for a minimum price.

  1. Your performance is not professional, the customer thinks you can't be trust.

There are many situations in this situation. The customer wants the price, you grind it, after a long time final reply, the quote is not complete, or the payment method is lacking, or the parameters are lacking, and the local market is completely ignorant. Can use the letter of credit, you still bite what TT, these are extremely unprofessional performance, when the customer has a lot of resources on hand, you will be brushed off!

Solution: Make yourself professional and professional.


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