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The arrival of American customers

The customer finally arrived as scheduled. According to the appointed date, the customer is coming on time. The main purpose of the customer is to develop afe clip on wheel weight  product project and have a clear understanding of the factory and products. The customer came over by himself and the factory address was clearly given. Finally we met at the factory.


First, we took the customer to the workshop and warehouse of fe clip on wheel weight, so that the customer has a certain understanding of our production and factory information. Customers also recognize our processes and operations, and the degree of automation is relatively high. At the time of the transfer to the workshop, the customer was introduced to some of the current best-selling models in the customer market,like MC, AW, IAW, FN,etc. The customers think that the quality and surface treatment methods are quite good. However, the customer feedback that his end customer has proposed the connection method of this kind of hook-type balance block, if it is similar to the lead clip on wheel weight, it will be more convenient for the customer to install. But we give the customer an explanation, like the connection method will increase the cost, the iron material is not like the nature of the lead material. Customers also understand this connection.


The client is also very pleased with the factory visiting, but they need to go back to the office to sort out the information and make a decision. Looking forward to customer information.


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