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Loading container before spring festival

Before placing the order this week, the British customer Ibrahim had stressed that he wanted to deliver the goods before the Spring Festival. We all know that the customer only placed the order on January 10th, so it is really difficult to deliver the goods before the Spring Festival. On the other hand, the domestic epidemic situation is repeated, Shijiazhuang epidemic situation is severe, so many logistics shut down, which increased the difficulty of delivery, but in order to solve the customer's demand, we still agreed to the customer's requirements. Since we have promised, we will do our best. As for the purchased products such as tire inflator gauge and scokets, we required the manufacturer to complete the work within one week, and chose express delivery with higher transportation costs. We received the goods within three days. Another difficulty was the production of lead wheel weight, which required workers to work in three shifts around the clock. With everyone working together, we finished the work on the 20th. As we all know, due to the epidemic, it was difficult to book space. The shipment date of February 2nd was not released until January 28th, so the loading time was urgent, so we searched overnight for the trailer, and the goods arrived at the port in the morning of 29th to load the containers. We completed the loading perfectly for the customer.



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