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Why less and less lead balance weight!

In the early days, the balance weight was mostly made of lead, which had high softness and good fit with the wheel hub. As a traditional raw material for making balance weight, the smaller the volume, the better the balance weight effect;

lead balance weight

The large proportion, easy processing and high quality balance effect make the lead block popular in the initial balance block market.

However, with the change of history, the disadvantages of lead balance weight gradually revealed, coupled with policy constraints, the real lead balance weight has been withdrawn from the market.

Why is "lead block" eliminated?

1、 Environmental protection

With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, lead, as a heavy metal, has been paid more and more attention to the harm of environmental pollution and human body. The negative news of lead pollution is often put in the headlines by the major media, and lead, as the raw material of the balance weight, is rapidly facing elimination.

2、 Recycling

After the lead balance weight is installed on the car wheel, once the wheel is scrapped and not recovered in time, the metal lead of the balance weight placed on the open wheel will penetrate into the ground after being exposed to the sun and rain, causing serious harm to the environment. Lead dust produced in the production process of lead balance block also has great harm to human body, which will cause high blood lead concentration and lead poisoning of production personnel, and seriously endanger the health of operators.

The lead-free production of automobile has been regarded as one of the symbols of environment-friendly automobile.

3、 Production process

During the manufacturing of lead and zinc wheel balance weight, the raw materials must be melted into liquid state, and then injected into the die casting die to form the die casting; then the process wastes such as gate and runner (accounting for 30-50% of the weight of the product) after the die casting are removed, and then the cutting and trimming are carried out; finally the coating is carried out. Because of the high power consumption of metal melting process, its production enterprises are identified as high energy consuming enterprises.

4、 Price

In view of the price of iron balance weight, the price of lead raw materials is much higher than that of iron and steel;

5、 Storage

The lead balance weight can't be treated effectively, so it's easy to be corroded and restricted by environment;

6、 Single color

In the face of the ever-changing automobile refitting market, young people prefer colorful refitting equipment, while the lead balance weight is single in color, which can not keep up with the pace of refitting market;


In order to better solve the disadvantages of lead balance weight, the balance weight production line of our company has been comprehensively reformed and replaced with iron balance weight production line, which is committed to environmental protection, long-term and stable balance weight production;

The new series of iron balance weight products have superior performance and good market feedback.


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