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Balance weight

The tire balance weight can ensure the balance of the tire to a large extent, and its appearance is also to make people better use of the car. It is the counterweight component installed on the wheel of the vehicle.

Share a customer case, this customer has been tracking for 2 years, and finally confirmed that there is no problem with the sample this week. General customers are certainly not the first communication can clinch a deal, 90% of the customers are slowly tracking to get later. So how did he follow her? First of all, put yourself in the other's shoes. What kind of information do customers want to get? It must be helpful information for customers and information that pokes customers' hearts. Of all the useful information, the first must be price information. When I started to develop the customer, I knew that the customer must have a demand for the balance block. After that, the customer replied once, saying that he wanted the price, but there was no message since then. After that, I updated the price information and real-time raw material information to the customer almost every month. Finally, I received samples from the customer. Now the customer has received the sample and said that the sample looks very good. In the confirmation of the order information, we are looking forward to the confirmation of the new order as soon as possible.

Since the car balance weightis called the car balance block, it will certainly have the role of balance, and it is how to achieve the balance of the vehicle? As we know from the above, as long as the quality gap between the various parts of the car is smaller, the purpose of reducing vibration can be achieved. The function of the balance weightis to narrow the quality gap of the wheel as far as possible to achieve a relative balance.



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