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Balloon Type jack order -Product details

Oct.6th,2021 the customer quickly confirmed the order and arranged payment!

Balloon Type jack with a very competitive price and high-quality ,here show some  detail


1.Capacity 3ton

2.Min.Height: 15cm

3.Max Height: 40cm

4.Working Temp.: -30℃-50℃

5.Working Pressure:8-12 Bar

6.G.W.: 19kgs

7.Packing Size: 52*49*19cm

8.With CE Certificate

Here is the manual operation for Balloon Type jack  :

  1. The tracheal passes through the connecting rod 1,the rod 1 is fixed on a bottom plated with four nuts bolts .
  2. Firstly pass the tracheal tube through the connecting rod2 ,and sheath the pneumatic connector nut in the pipe port ,secondly insert the tracheal tube into pneumatic lay-up of the controls ,and tighten the nuts (do not use excessive force),finally ,connect the spindles with bolts.

Instruction for use Balloon Type jack  :

When inflated ,the jack ride,and vice-verse

  1. To control the swith in the rod back ,to insert the compressed air in the right gas nozzle ,and close the left switch .
  2. Open the right ball value switch,and when the gasbag rises ,it can be used .

To fall the jack ,please open the left switch


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