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Tire repair tools

Tires are a vital part of a car, and accidents can happen at any time, but there are not tire repair shops anytime and anywhere. And first-aid tire repair tools become our good helper, we must choose a set of suitable and cost-effective tools.

Tire repair tools

We finally received the deposit from the customer this week, and it only took 2 weeks for the customer to make the order from the beginning of the inquiry. Prepare a quotation for the customer. The customer will arrange the domestic factory inspection while thinking about the quotation. After the inspection, the deposit will be arranged, which has been received this week. Customers are mainly interested in maintenance tools. They are provided with product photos, details, packaging and certificate information. Customers also recognize our factory production and look forward to receiving good comments from customers!

Tire repair tools


  1. A probe must be used to detect the direction of the hole to ensure that the inserting direction and position of the rubber strip are consistent with the penetration direction of the nail hole, otherwise air leakage will occur, such as the angle between the direction of the hole and the tread is inclined at 50 degrees, the probe And pin insertion should also follow this slope.
  2. After confirming that the rubber strip is enough to penetrate the tire, pull out after rotating the needle tool for one turn (360 degrees) to ensure that the rubber strip squeezes the broken hole and forms a rotating knot in the tire to avoid air leakage.
  3. In the case of a deep oblique hole wound, the length of the rubber strip must be ensured to ensure that the rubber strip can penetrate the tire.

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