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Balloon Type jack-customer praise

After receiving the payment for the  Balloon Type jack from the customer on October 6, 2021, we immediately arrange the production. Due to the strong production capacity of the workshop and the hard work of the workshop workers, after 3 days, the Triple Bag Air Jack order was completed, and the workshop workers arranged for the customer to ship to the customer's Chinese agent! Before shipment, we provided the customer with the completed picture of the  car jacks order, the detailed packing list and the  Balloon  jacks customs declaration form!

Balloon Type jack

On November 19, 2021, the customer received Shengshiweiye Triple Bag Air Jack goods. After using them, they said that our  Auto jacks were of very good quality, and they gave this order a 5-star praise! And expressed that he look forward to more cooperation!


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