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How much is the wheel balance weight normal

If the tire balance weight needs to be pasted according to the specific vehicle conditions, there is no regulation on how many pieces to be pasted to keep the vehicle balanced. The correct way to paste the tire wheel balance weight is to select the appropriate balance weight according to the gram number indicated by the balance machine, rotate the tire and other balance machine, paste or knock in the balance weight at the 12 o'clock position of the tire when the indication of the balance machine is full red or to the center.

The following is an introduction to the wheel balance weight:

1. Due to the complex road conditions, any situation on the road may have an impact on the tire and steel ring, such as collision with the curb, high-speed passing through the pothole Road, etc., which is easy to cause the deformation of the steel ring. Therefore, it is recommended that you do tire dynamic balance while transposing;

2. The uneven quality of vehicle wheels will not only affect the ride comfort, but also increase the abnormal wear of vehicle tires and suspension system, increase the difficulty of vehicle control during driving, and lead to unsafe driving;

3. In order to avoid this situation, the wheels must undergo the dynamic balance test of the special equipment - wheel dynamic balance machine before installation. Add appropriate counterweight at the place where the wheel mass is too small to maintain the dynamic balance of the wheels under high-speed rotation. This counterweight is the wheel balance weight.


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