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Tire valve S-TMS525

Product Details

Tire valve S-TMS525

Tire valve S-TMS525 They use high-end aviation aluminum encryption processing, they have high strength corrosion resistance and they are light weight.

Tire valve S-TMS525 : The washer provides a double guarantee for the air tightness of the valve.

Tire valve S-TMS525 : It isn’t easy to aging, so it is longer life.

MS525AL-Round Base Ф18x48 Ф11.51.453" RG54 HN9 ET
MS525AL-Flat Base Ф18x42 Ф11.51.453" RG54 HN9 ET

Tire valve S-TMS525 Tire valve S-TMS525  Tire valve S-TMS525 Tire valve S-TMS525

Tire valve S-TMS525 Physical Display

Main Features,The stem of the valve,Nuts,Washer,Valve cap

Tire valve S-TMS525 Installation Instructions

1.Deflate the tire and then remove it from the rim

2.Remove the original valve

3.Insert a new valve from the inner side of rim , and then stick it into the correct position

4.Re-installed the tire onto the rim, inflate it to the recommended air pressure value.

Tire valve S-TMS525 Inflatable operation should be careful. We should wipe the dust on the valve before inflating and don’t loose the valve core. We should apply soapy water to the valves after inflating. It can check leads or not. If the leak will produce continuous small bubbles. Then we should screw the valves cap and prevent the sediment from entering the inside of the valve.


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