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S-T2700 Single Post Lift

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S-T2700 Single Post Lift

The S-T2700 Single Post Lift capacity single post car lift is the perfect lift fro limited space applications and situations where portability is more important than a floor mounted two post lift.
The Post lift low profile design and drive over ramps makes drive over loading possible and the pallet jack mechanism allows the lift to be moved to the vehicle for loading.

S-T2700 Single Post Lift S-T2700 Single Post Lift

S-T2700 Single Post Lift

Lifting capacity: 2700kg
Lifting height: 1700mm
Minimum height: 125mm
Lifting time: 70s
Overall height: 2516mm
Overall width: 1500mm
Motor power: 2.2kw
Power supply: 220V/240V/380V/415V
Weight: 755kg
Packing: 2550 x 480 x 750mm(1 pc)770 x 265 x 320mm (2pcs)
Cubic meter: 1.05
20’’ container: 12pcs

The lifts are electro-hydraulically operated and provide excellent options where garage space is tight or greater access is required.


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