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Post Lift

Post Lift S-T80

Product Details

Post Lift S-T80

We are proud to offer this magnificent Post Lift S-T80 to all professionals who, on a daily basis, deal with tyres of cars, SUV's and company cars.

The Post Lift S-T80 a wheel and allows the operator to manoeuvre it into the correct position.

Post Lift Post Lift Post Lift

Post Lift S-T80 parameter

Maximum capacity 70kg
  Tun hight 1290mm
  Up/down speed 0.02m/s
  Batteries 12V - 12AH
  Base width 330mm
  Base long 380mm


Post Lift S-T80 Production Details

① Power supplied by solar energy or battery

② Very convenient ro lift the wheel which can save your time and power

③ Easy to move in any direction by the univer sal wheel

Post Lift S-T80 Production Feature

Safe and damage-free handling of wheel assemblies
Lifting and assembling wheels by only one person
Cordless, stable, user friendly, CE certified
Rises to full height in 12 seconds
Heavy battery, at least 400 times up and down before recharging
Easy lug nut alignment, you can rotate the tyre 360° due the pick-up fork is equipped with rollers and casters
Continuous display of the residual battery charge
Safety stop and standby mode operated with 1 button
No battery consumption in standby mode
Long lifespan battery
Transmission with the steel spindle
Easy grip and buttons for lifting and lowering
4 heavy duty swivel castors with rubber tires
1 year warranty on all parts


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