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2 Post Lift S-TF9000E

Product Details

4.0Ton 2Post Life S-TF9000E

 2 Post Lift S-TF9000E Lift capacity ratings are based on loads equally distributed on all four arms.

 2 Post Lift S-TF9000E Lifting and lowering speeds may vary depending on weight ofvehicle.

2 Post Lift S-TF9000E 

2 Post Life S-TF9000E   2 Post Lift S-TF9000E  2 Post Lift S-TF9000E  2 Post Lift S-TF9000E  2 Post Lift S-TF9000E  2 Post Lift S-TF9000E 

Auto 2 Post Life S-TF9000E 
1. Adjustable: Foot pad height adjustable for cars of different height chassis.
2. Inside: Neat appearance with hose inside the columns of the car lift.
3. Convenient: Single point mechanical lock release allows technician to disengage both of the vehicle lift's columns simultaneously.
4. Limit Switch: Shut-off switch on overhead to protect the top of the car.
5. Safety: Dual hydraulic cylinders drive, stable lifting and lowering.
6. Stability: Equalization of two steel cables force both sliding blocks to move synchronously, effectively preventing the vehicle from tilting.
7. Self locking system: to maintain car lift arms position.
8. High Quality: this 2 post auto lift product has earned European CE certification.
9. Symmetric clear-floor design

2 Post Lift S-TF9000E Feature

1. Simple and Safe Operation: The car lift's both sides have single release safety lock design which is easy and convenient to operate, with protective rubber door guards, double-column symmetrical arm chassis is stable enough to run smoothly and worry-free, and the design of hydraulic chain drive cylinders is safe and reliable.

2.Quality is Trustworthy: long-term be made professional car lifts, strong and durable special-grade steel, equip pulleys and high-quality synchronizer cables, the pulley design is beneficial to reduce high stress during synchronization and extend the life of the cables.

3. Strong Design: Symmetric clear-floor design; Added overhead safety shutoff bar; Proofed by dynamic test with 115% of rated capacity and static test with 150% rated capacity.


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