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Post Lift

4 Ton Two Post Lifts

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4 Ton Two Post Lifts

4 Ton Two Post Lifts The arm is designed in two andthree sections,and the adjustmentrange is larger and suitable fordifferent car chassis.

4 Ton Two Post Lifts High-strength chain wire ropesmoothing device

4 Ton Two Post Lifts


1. The operating procedures must be strictly followed during use;
2. Routine inspections should be carried out every day to ensure that it is in normaluse. It is forbidden to operate when malfunctions, damage to the originals, or the
locking mechanism cannot work normally;3. When lifting or descending, make sure that there are no obstacles around thecolumn and make sure that the safety lock is opened;4. Be careful not to exceed the rated lifting weight when using;5. After the lift reaches the expected height, the lock button must be operated tomake the column platform lock reliably. When the platform is found to be tilted, itshould be properly raised to complete the lock again. lf it cannot be completed, itis prohibited to use;
6. When using the jack on the column platform, pay attention to safety. The liftingpoint should be reliable when lifting the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from tiltingand damaging the parts on the vehicle. After lifting, add necessary protectivedevices.



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