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4 Ton Two Post Lift

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4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift 4 Ton Two Post Lift

4 Ton Two Post Lift

01 Electric hydraulic power system, strong and durable power

02 Bilateral manual unlocking for easier operation

03 Rubber crash strips protect the doors and prevent collisions for vehicles

04 dual hydraulic cylinder chain drive, high safety and reliability

05 rope balance system, forcing two pulleys to move synchronously, effectively preventing the vehicle from tilting


Safety precautions

1. Strictly follow the operating procedures when using;

2. Regular inspections should be conducted daily to ensure its normal use. Operations are prohibited when faults, damage to the original components, or the locking mechanism cannot function properly;

3. When lifting or lowering, ensure that there are no obstacles around the column and ensure that the safety lock is opened;

4. Be careful not to exceed the rated lifting weight during use;

5. After the lifting reaches the expected height, the locking button must be operated to ensure reliable locking of the column platform. When the platform is found to be tilted, it should be raised appropriately and the locking should be completed again. If it cannot be completed, it is prohibited to use it;

6. When using the jack on the pillar platform, attention should be paid to safety. When lifting the vehicle, the lifting point should be reliable to prevent the vehicle from tilting and damaging the parts on the vehicle. After lifting, necessary protective devices should be added.


Laser cutting:

1. High accuracy (positioning accuracy is 0.05mm)

2. Smooth cutting surface (to form the sheet in one go)

3. Fast speed (up to 10m/min)

4. Good quality and no damage (Laser cutting belongs to non-contact cutting, with minimal heat impact on the cutting edge and almost no thermal deformation of the workpiece, completely avoiding edge collapse formed during material punching and shearing. The cutting seam generally does not require secondary processing. The laser cutting head does not come into contact with the material surface, ensuring that the workpiece is not scratched.)


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