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wheel weight hook

Cangzhou Shengshiweiye automobile Accessory Co.,ltd is one of the biggest wheel weight production companies. We are focused on every types wheel weights, for example: Fe adhesive/clip on wheel weight; Zn adhesive/ clip on wheel weight; Pb adhesive/clip on wheel weight.
Muhammad, the Armenian customer, made an inquiry for two kinds of hooks for wheel balance weight, one with a hook width of 20mm and the other with a hook width of 32mm. At the same time, we asked the customer to provide hook height and hook opening, so as to better match the products for the customer. The customer then gives the hook to the data 16mm high and the hook opening: 11mm. Then, according to the customer's data, we matched our existing hooks to the customer and sent the pictures to the customer for confirmation. At the same time, I calculated the sea freight and express fee for the customer. Finally, the customer chose to go by sea.

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