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Car jack stand

This week I received an inquiry from a European customer for products such as safety brackets. The customer had its own supplier before, but it needed to be replaced for some special reasons. After understanding the customer's information, there was no valuable import data after the inquiry, and started to sort out the price and other information according to the customer's requirements. At present, the customer is reviewing the accounting stage and looks forward to receiving good news from the customer!

Car Jack Stand

Car Jack Stand

Precautions for use:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to overload the bracket, which will cause personal accidents
  2. Can only be used in pairs on hard and flat ground
  3. Brake the vehicle before use. In order to ensure the stability of the force, it can only be loaded on the center of the rack top seat
  4. The load and bracket should be kept stable, otherwise the maintenance cannot be carried out under the vehicle; avoid a few words of vibration during use
  5. Before using the stent, you should learn and be familiar with the instructions

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