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Wheel balance weight treatment process: galvanized vs spraying, which one is better?

Recently, heated discussions about the treatment process of wheel balance weights have been detonated again, among which galvanized treatment and spraying treatment have become the focus of controversy. So, what is the difference between galvanizing and spraying? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages? Next, we will reveal the answer for you.

First, let's look at galvanizing. The galvanizing treatment is to immerse the balance block in the molten zinc solution, so that the zinc reacts with the surface of the block to form a zinc layer. The advantage of this treatment process is that the zinc layer can provide excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion capabilities, and can effectively protect the balance weight from the impact of external environmental erosion. In addition, galvanized treatment also has the advantages of strong durability, smooth surface, and relatively low economic cost.

Wheel balance weight treatment process: galvanized vs spraying, which one is better?

In contrast, the spraying process involves spraying paint evenly on the surface of the balance weight. The advantages of this process are that the construction process is simple and fast, the coating color can be customized, and it is suitable for balance blocks of various shapes and sizes. In addition, the spray treatment can also provide more color options, allowing the owner to customize the appearance of the wheel balance weight according to personal preferences.

Wheel balance weight treatment process: galvanized vs spraying, which one is better?

However, in addition to the advantages, the galvanizing and spraying processes also have their own disadvantages. First of all, galvanizing requires chemical treatment during the treatment process, involving molten zinc solution, which makes the process relatively complicated and requires professional equipment and technical personnel to operate. In addition, since the coating is metallic zinc, there may be certain delamination problems during use. Although the spraying process is convenient, the durability of the coating is relatively poor, and it is easily scratched and worn by the outside world.

For car owners, they should choose the appropriate wheel balance weight treatment process according to their own needs and budget. If you need more protection and durability, then galvanized treatment may be more suitable for you. And if you pay more attention to appearance and personalization, then spray treatment is your best choice. Of course, no matter which treatment process you choose, qualified products and professional technology are indispensable.

In the comparison of wheel balance weight treatment process, we see that galvanized treatment and spraying treatment have their own advantages and disadvantages. With the continuous development of technology, we believe that more and better processing techniques will emerge in the future to provide consumers with more choices. Let us wait and see!


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