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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of clip-on wheel balance weights and stick-on balance weights

In recent years, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, the driving stability of vehicles has become an issue of increasing concern. In order to solve the tire imbalance problem generated during vehicle running, various types of wheel balance weights have emerged on the market. This article will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of snap-on wheel weights and stick-on weights.

The clip on wheel balance weight is one of the earliest balance weight designs, and it is usually made of lead or steel materials. One of its advantages is that it is quick and easy to install, just snap the balance weights onto the wheels. In addition, the hook-type balance weight is relatively heavy, which can effectively balance the weight imbalance of the wheels and improve the driving stability. However, there are also some disadvantages in the hook type balance weight. First of all, due to the limitation of material selection, it pollutes the environment more and has potential harm to the atmosphere and soil. Secondly, when the wheel needs to be replaced due to corrosion or damage, the snap-hook balance weight needs to be disassembled and reinstalled, which increases unnecessary trouble and expense.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of clip-on wheel balance weights and stick-on balance weights

Clip on wheel weight FN type

The stick on balance weight  is a new design that has emerged in recent years. Compared with the snap-on balance weight, the stick-on balance weight uses adhesive to firmly stick the balance weight on the wheel. In contrast, the paste-type balance weight has the following advantages: First, the materials it uses are safe and environmentally friendly, and have no pollution to the environment. Secondly, the adhesive balance weight is not easy to shift after installation, and can keep the wheel balanced for a long time, reducing the frequency of maintenance and adjustment. However, stick-on balance weights also have some disadvantages. On the one hand, stick-on weights are relatively light and cannot provide the same powerful balancing effect as snap-on weights. On the other hand, the adhesion of the adhesive may be affected when encountering harsh environments or driving at high speeds, causing the balance weight to fall off or loosen.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of clip-on wheel balance weights and stick-on balance weights

Fe stick on wheel weight Wide brim easy type

To sum up, when choosing a suitable wheel balance weight, consumers should make reasonable choices according to their own needs and factors of concern. When a strong balancing effect is required, the snap-hook balance weight is an ideal choice, but there may be some problems in terms of environmental protection and maintenance. The paste-type balance weight is more environmentally friendly and stable, and is suitable for ordinary driving needs, but its balancing effect is relatively weak. In the future, with the advancement of technology, we believe that the design of wheel balance weights will be better improved to provide a better driving experience for the automotive industry.


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