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Tire valve business with Peruvian

The inquiry of tire valve from Peru can be dated back to the beginning of this November, the customer sent inquiry of tire valve TR413 and only asked for 1000pcs. We talked on whatsapp of the material he wanted and then I offered him the price in different quantities to check. The 1000pcs can be packed in one carton and the express freight is relatively high, then he preferred to purchase more after comparison of the delivery cost and price for different quantities. He spoke Spanish and we both used translation tools to help understanding each other and it wasted time sometimes, then I learnt that he would need the TR413 tire valves be shipped in January to Peru. So we kept in touch as the cost of raw material is constantly rising recently and look if there is a change. And we just agreed on the order these days.

The customer may be worried about the quality of the product when making the first order, then tell him more information of the factory and the products by pictures and videos. We, Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd. always put quality in the first place and pay more attention to the products and service. By giving them more choices and answers to what they are concerned about, we help them get what they are in need. And welcome to our factory to have a visit.


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