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Main technical indicators of clip on wheel weights

The clip on wheel weights adopt ordinary steel cold extrusion forming (or warm extrusion forming) at room temperature during production. It has low energy consumption that the manufacturability waste only takes up 0.5% - 1% of the spare parts weight. Besides, the clip on wheel weights would not generate environmental problems during production, usage and disposal, they would be jointed with the snap spring using riveting after extrusion of the body shape and then can be fitted using the environmental coatings. That is why the car steel wheel weights are considered as a new type of environment-protecting and energy-saving product.

  1. Using ordinary steel as the material of the clip on wheel weights.
    2. Corrosion resistance: 480 hours of the salt spray test.
    3. Appearance: 3D surface shape that can fit all kinds of wheel rims.
    4. No environmental problems generated during production, usage and disposal.
    5. Zero pollution index after production, usage and disposal.
    6. Dimensional accuracy of forming: ±0.05mm.
    7. Cold extrusion forming for the size below 60g of the wheel weights and warm extrusion forming above 60g.
    8. Warm extrusion forming: 1/3 of the cold extrusion forming.
    9. Pulling force of the spring hook: 20N (international standard).

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