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Tire repair tool set with vulcanized seal string

Tires always have problems, but there are not always repair shops, but we can use a small tool to repair them ourselves and then go to the repair shop.

Tire repair tool set with vulcanized seal string

This week, I received an inquiry from a client about maintaining the toolset. Seeing the vulcanized rubber strip, I was very interested in it, so I introduced this set of repair tools to the customer. This repair tool includes a socket cone, a spiral cone, 5 vulcanized sealing strings, a bottle of vulcanized rubber, and a knife. The customer feels very good and can meet their different needs. The customer is a domestic automotive repair shop and hopes to have a few sets of samples for trial use. At present, we have arranged for the customer. We look forward to receiving feedback from our customers.
1. The plug cone is made of high-strength steel mesh, with a perforated design that facilitates the use of vulcanized rubber strips
2. The spiral cone texture design makes it easy to penetrate the tire for cleaning and bonding, and the rigid handle is comfortable
3. After use, the vulcanized rubber strip does not enlarge the wound. Both sides of the rubber strip are made of gray vulcanized rubber. The use of glue can generate vulcanization polymerization inside the tire and repair knots as a whole, achieving a good tire repair effect.
4. Vulcanizing agent glue: The main component is the vulcanizing agent, which is used in conjunction with the rubber strip to vulcanize the tire body and rubber strip together, thereby achieving a good sealing effect on the wound
Small size, convenient storage, portable, and sharp edges.


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